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Before it all Melts


A time-based projection installation onto two large slabs of ice. Two human figures become aware that they are trapped within the ice over a 15 minute period (moving from indifference to terrified), all the while the ice slowly melts. 

The work explores the impacts globalisation, accumulation, speed and extraction have on our relationships with one another and the planet. 

Presented as part of the Connect for Creativity Art and Technology Residency at Atölye in Istanbul, funded by the British Council Turkey and the European Union. 

Concept and Direction: Görkem Acaroğlu

Assistant Director: Sadettin Yalta

Actors: Dicle Şengül and Umut Barış Taşdemir

Sound: Emre Sünear

Camera: Faraz Shah

Production Coordination: Erdem Dilbaz

Coding: Temel Hüseyin Kuru 

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